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Multicultural Digital Company

At RGB CORP™ we integrate creativity, design, technology, real time graphics, AI and whatever it takes to create innovative projects aligned with our clients’ goals. We work to make your craziest ideas come through.

From your new branding or web design to large corporate events or press conferences, we at RGB CORP™ accept every challenge with an open mind: we bring into the mix the latest and most advanced technology and an interactive list of services, to design social experiences for our diverse array of clients. When it comes to innovative projects, we are the perfect partners to work with.

Art is our main inspiration when it comes to bringing people together around an idea or concept. We strongly believe in the power of collective work. In you, we see more than a client, we see an ally that will work hand in hand with us to create emotional experiences that stimulate the senses and that will broaden the perception of the audience of what your brand brings to the world.


A team of specialists that provide
the following services to clients worldwide.

Audiovisual Content

    • 2d and 3d animation
    • Tour Visuals
    • 3D mapping
    • Music and sound design
    • Contents for events and galas
    • Branding
    • Corporate videos and infographics
    • Graphic and web design

Interactive Systems

    • Facilities
    • Virtual events
    • Experiential marketing
    • AR | XR | VR
    • Web | E-Commerce | Apps
    • Custom Software
    • Real time content
    • Experimental


    • B2B | B2C events
    • Preproduction
    • Project direction
    • Technical Production
    • Talent recruitment and management
    • Scenography
    • Regiduria
    • Sponsorship management

We are passionate about combining the never-ending possibilities of modern technology with the exciting and human side of live performances. No matter the size of the format we aim to provide an unforgettable immersive motion graphic experience for our clients’ audiences.

We are constantly experimenting and reaching out to the intersection of different art forms: lighting, sound, architecture, and interactive installations, at RGB CORP™ it all comes to play when it comes to producing not only a social experience but an everlasting memory of your brand. 

Our workflow


We establish a relationship of trust and good communication with our clients, from the discussion of the idea to visualizing, structuring, and scripting the concept and the whole event. We will create mood boards, storyboards, and even surfboards if the project requires it! 


We work with great art directors that will help us design, illustrate, animate, photograph, and shoot exciting audiovisual content for every project. 

Development and R&D

We will take care of prototyping the riskiest and dangerous ideas along with looking for the most powerful solutions, libraries, and software the concept demands.


We manage every logistical and technical need to get things moving! Along with this, we will centralize the largest number of suppliers to deliver and offer you excellent 360-degree service with a full guarantee.                      

Some featured


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So, if you find our services following your requirements then feel free to Contact us anytime!