Stratio Experience

Stratio Experience


Stratio invited Big Data Spain guests to discover a one-of-a-kind adventure at their stand. Through various interactions, attendees wereable to experience an exciting trip through time and learn more about the Stratio’s journey.


Again, Stratio was a Platinum fidelity sponsor and had a stand in the shape of a spacecraft which included facial recognition and emotion detection interactions. Human emotions, together with AI, are what make the interactions something real.

1,657 attendees, 32 sponsors, 96 speakers and 80 talks. Several Stratians spoke at the event, including Óscar Méndez, CEO of Stratio, who talked about how AI is helping beyond the typical chatbots, focusing on how AI must feel and detect your emotions in order to interact (sentient AI). Additionally, Marco Baena, Head of AI at Stratio, focused on awareness and intelligent systems. Eduardo Sánchez, Pre-sales, focused on Evolution Strategies and autonomous agents and Guillermo Cañizal, Chief Product Owner, introduced a technological talk that explained more about our product: Stratio Data Centric.


The experience at our stand consisted in several interactions with Stratio’s AI system, TAIS, who guided each participant through the journey. TAIS started by introducingherself and then drove the experience: first, attendees watched a video about the evolution of intelligence; then, TAIS showed attendees what their emotions were like while watching this inspirational video; and last but not least, the users played a game that was controlled by their facial expressions (when smiling, the user moved forward). The winner was the fastest player to get to the finish line. The game lasted both days of the event and the winner’s prize was a Smartwatch. The metaphor of the game? To move forward in life you should smile!