Lenovo Case Study

Lenovo Case Study

Always under the direction of @Findasense.es we have developed a number of creative and digital experiences for tech giant Lenovo. To quote Findasense’s website.  “Through planned social media activations, as well as real-time content creation, Lenovo began to get closer to the consumer, offering a human and social experience, both online and offline. With social networks, through close and interactive content, the brand engaged its community, involving them in its technological innovation processes”.


MWC Barcelona is a unique immersive experience, showcasing the latest trends and industry goals for the future. 
Interactive audiovisual installation for one of the world’s leading companies in the technology industry.

CES Las Vegas

This time, as it could not be otherwise, we are inspired by the most representative icons of Las Vegas, gambling and chance.

Lenovo April’s Fool Day

One example was the crowdsourcing of creative ideas to build a Social Art Gallery with interactive paintings at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visitors enjoyed the “living paintings” through Augmented Reality applications on Lenovo cell phones, while online users could take the paintings home by participating in an online contest. After an in-depth analysis of the customer category, we chose to use the WOW effect to move away from product marketing and focus on the sensations that technology and innovation can lead to.”

Square On Time

When it came time to bring two new product lines to market, the Lenovo Data Center Group team took over Times Square with digitally-driven contest.

MWC Barcelona 2016

In order to attract the attention of MWC attendees, and steal it from Lenovo’s big competitors, such as Samsung and Huawei among others, we created a social art gallery. A modern and minimalist museum, formed by augmented reality paintings, co-created with the ideas of users on social networks. In addition, every day a painting was auctioned, with a slight difference to normal auctions, in this case the way of bidding was with retweets instead of money.