Football is about unique dynamic. A dynamic created through precision, accuracy and technique. Behind every scored goal, there’s talent, and luck. Talent that drives passion and connects us all. The logotype plays an essential role in representing the mood of the company, and acts as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. It represents dynamism, technical expertise and a sporty and fresh style. And that’s exactly what Marcelo’s look stands for.


We have carefully designed the brand guidelines: A modern color palette based on purple, black and grey shades. An innovative and unique style provided by the urban and sporty typography combination. Graphically supported by handmade strokes that represent the customized and crafted experience of every client, beside some more graphic elements that complete the brand: outter glows, gradient lines, and wireframe illustrations.


Every move in the football field manifests brilliance and beauty, and it shows that it is way more than just a game. It is about pushing yourself to limits. Accordingly to that, we have developed different pieces that show Doze brand’s universe.
From corporative clothing to street advertising, a set of different elements have been designed in order to display the modern and technical look we wanted to achieve.


The importance of social networks today is more than obvious. The presence and image shown in the corporate profiles must be appropriate and inspire confidence and rigor, in addition to all the values of the brand itself. It is the way in which the brand interacts directly with users and potential customers, so it is essential that it is consistent with the brand image.