Marcelo 12

Marcelo 12


Dynamism, movement and simplicity were the fundamental pillars to conceptualize the brand. References to Marcelo’s roots and ideas from visual culture of Rio de Janeiro, using urban lines inspired by graffiti but stylized and precise to make it versatile. The additional graphic elements are conceived to provide an analogous aesthetic and to remind a bit of how we see street aesthetics through posters, halftones, graffiti and simulation of paint trails.


Football is about unique dynamic. A dynamic created through precision, accuracy and technique.
Behind every scored goal, there’s talent, and luck. Talent that drives passion and connects us all.
The logotype plays an essential role in representing the mood of the company, and acts as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. It represents dynamism, technical expertise and a sporty and fresh style. And that’s exactly what Marcelo’s look stands for.


From corporative clothing to social media content, we have designed several pieces in order to display the urban and stylish look that we wanted to achieve.


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