Koff. MillerKnoll

Koff. MillerKnoll

Redesigning a Digital Experience for Premium Office Furniture.

Experience the future of premium office furniture shopping with Koff’s redesigned website. At the intersection of form and function, Koff specializes in high-quality office furnishings from renowned brands like Herman Miller and MillerKnoll. In this project, we’ve meticulously crafted the UX/UI design, ensuring that every click brings you closer to the perfect workspace solution. The new website reflects Koff’s commitment to minimalism, delivering a modern, elegant, and visually pleasing digital experience that mirrors the sophistication of their products.



This manual describes the visual elements that make up Koff’s corporate identity, and is a guide to the communication and use of the brand’s graphic components.
Our brand is expressed in many ways: in the way we behave, in our products, in our messages. In the following, different guidelines will be presented in order to maintain continuity in Koff’s visual identity.

Website UX/UI

Take a closer look at the beautifully designed and user-friendly website interface of Koff. Discover how we’ve transformed the shopping experience for high-quality office furniture from Herman Miller and Knoll.