Pull&Bear by Rosalía

Pull&Bear by Rosalía


Spanish music and fashion come together again in the second capsule collection by Rosalía for Pull&Bear.The Inditex group brand has once again trusted the singer to showcase her talent in more than 20 garments and has named the collection ‘Pull&Bear by Rosalía’.


The undertaking presented a formidable challenge that demanded an extraordinary effort from numerous work teams. In this instance, our team assumed a substantial responsibility for both the comprehensive production and technical aspects of the project.

Under the visionary guidance of the esteemed architect Cito Ballesta, we embarked on the ambitious task of recreating a space that drew inspiration from the iconic ‘streetstreet’ imagery of Rosalía, seamlessly melding it with the vibrant and youthful essence synonymous with the Pull&Bear brand. This collaborative effort involved a meticulous fusion of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the artistic vision, resulting in a captivating environment that pays homage to Rosalía’s distinctive style while encapsulating the dynamic spirit of Pull&Bear.


●  360° production
●  Management of personnel and suppliers
●  Management of permits and technical drawings
●  Supervision of set-up and dismantling
●  Lighting and Sound Design
●  Management of Technical Riders