Cabify x Copa Davis

Cabify x Copa Davis


Cabify contacted us to help them with the conceptualization of their new stand for the World famous tennis event Copa Davis 2021.

Merchandising, staff clothing and structural elements were also required. A great oportunity to let our minds be creative and explore different ideas, from sensors and interactive games to physical ideas like recreating a custom Scalextric.


We wanted to offer an experience that was able to entertain both kids and adults. A clean and modern space designed following the Cabify brand guidelines combined with led light, different screens, and the central element of the stand: a customized Scalextric that every visitor can enjoy playing. Some previsualization renders used to present the concept are displayed below.


From kids to adults, a constant flow of people visited the stand and had the opportunity to live the experience we designed along with Cabify during the entire production process. We are proud to say that we’ve done everything: conceptualizing, designing and building the stand.