History Channel

History Channel



With the premise of this claim, we transformed a historic place into a space of the future. We highlight in this production, the construction of a 25m long, 7m wide and 4m high LED tunnel. Attendees enjoyed a 360º show, with an A/V show, where lights, audio and video were synchronized, creating a 100% immersive atmosphere.


The History TV channel is 20 years old and what better way to celebrate it than by traveling to the future. #historyfuture was the claim of the futuristic party that Interprofit organized on November 22nd at the Real Fábrica de Tapices to celebrate the anniversary of this popular television channel. 350 guests were immersed in a sensory and immersive experience through a time tunnel of lights, images and sound that took them through the past, present and future of History. The immersion into the future began in the entrance garden, where a corridor formed by lasers and an artificial mist directed the guests surrounded by mystery towards the main space. Once in the hall of the Royal Factory, under an LED structure of more than 25m, they were greeted with a futuristic welcome cocktail served in Ohoo! capsules, the ingenious sphere made of a small transparent membrane that is edible and biodegradable. Live music by the band Bleset played in the background. The highlight of the event was the sensory show of lights, images and sounds that, as in a time tunnel, made a journey through the different milestones that have marked the television channel History. This ‘journey’ ended with a thank you from the channel’s director