RGB Corp is a multi-platform production company specialised in audio visual entertainment, including trans and deep media. Founded in 2007, we focus in creating and developing intelligent communicational strategies for companies at the forefront of innovation.

Our multidisciplinary team is specialised in the creation, production and implementation of our client’s visions and ideas. Using the latest media and visual media technologies, we might just be able to materialise your dreams.

From a customised market research for your business to the implementation of your Web or App, we develop your multi-format contents and choose the best platform for your line of work.

We can make your business shine with our publicity and creative actions, creation and edition of live and generative visuals, interactive and LED installations, stage design, mapping and more.


Audio-visual Entertainment

Mapping, Live Visuals, Interactive Design, Music and Sound Design, Generative Art and Audio Visual Performances

Multimedia Development

Concept Creation, Branding, App and Web Development, Multi-Format Contents and Rich Media

Digital Marketing

Branded Content, Planning, Programmatic Marketing, Digital Ads, etc

Events & creative Actions

Experience Design, Production, Stage Design, Lightning, Sound, L.E.D. Screens and more